Shipping information

Our B2B store currently only ships to: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg & the United Kingdom.

Orders are shipped within 1-4 working days, after they might take a couple of days to arrive to your warehouse.

If you are from outside the EU, you might need to pay import taxes. Please check with your local government website if this is the case, we will NOT pay these taxes for you and will NOT refund them to you.

Please note: If you refuse to pay import taxes, you’r parcel will be shipped back to our warehouse in the Netherlands. We will refund you the order amount but we will deduct any cost that the shipping company charges us for the failed delivery by your fault. This (may) include; Shipping from us to you, Shipping from you to us, import fees and/or administration cost.

Parcel delivery: Yes, your order is fully trackable with DPD or UPS.

Pallet delivery: Your order might not be trackable, this is depending on the transport company that is used in your country. Unfortunately we do not have any control over this.

General Information

We do not accept returns on B2B orders.

Yes, you will receive an invoice once your order is successfully paid.

Yes you can! Please insert the valid VAT number in the special field at checkout. Start with your country code, don’t put any spaces or special characters in it. Example: NL002405320B71 

Yes, if your order is still ‘Processing’ this is still possible. If your order has already been shipped, it cannot be changed or cancelled.

How to pay in euros?

Since our shop is located in the Netherlands, all of our transactions are done in euros. Instead of paying an extra fee for PayPal or creditcard, you might want to choose to use bank transfer to pay for your order. If your main currency is not the euro your bank might charge excessive fees for the transaction. Therefor we recommend using a third-party to send euros to our bank account, to save on fees and to make sure you pay the right rate.

We recommend using Wise for your euro transactions. Wise is a service that can exchange your USD or GBP to euros for you and send us the right amount. They have low and transparent fees per transaction, and you can track the transfer throughout the process. Do you want to use Wise to start sending euros to us? Send your first 500 euros without any fees using this link.